Secrets of Students Who Score Very Well Without Studying too much

Have you always envied that one friend in your social group who seems to score wonderfully without ever studying while you have to slave away to get half the marks the friend does?

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Have you always wanted to ask them to reveal their secrets? Well, look no further! Here I have for you some tips that teach you how to study smart, not hard.


Be prepared.

By doing and planning little things before sitting to study, these students save so much time that they can spare – hence, it seems as though they don’t study too much.

How often have you misplaced your textbook in the sorry excuse of a cupboard? How often has it happened that you ran out of stationary just when you were about to study?

I am pretty sure that it happens way more often than you would like but don’t give it more than a fleeting thought. You should.

For your ease of use, here is a comprehensive JEE Study Planner that my team has put together for you. Feel free to use it for your benefit.

It doesn’t take a lot to be minimally organized – you need not use post its and separators, all you need is to have everything in reach and at a place you can easily locate upon being asked.

Think of all the time and energy you would save if you didn’t have to run around the house looking for notebooks and papers!

Free yourself of any distractions.

Sure enough, we all have a few things that distract us to absolutely no extent.

For some it may be your phone – you just can’t help but fiddle on it and refresh your Instagram feed to see if there is anything new on it, while for others it may be the TV.

You may know nothing about cooking, but you will follow Masterchef Australia religiously to the extent of wasting an entire Saturday watching reruns.

These are the distractions I am talking about.


What you may learn, not that thoroughly, in 6 hours, these “brilliant” students would do much more comprehensively in half or even one – third the time. Why, you may ask?

Because they don’t keep glancing at their phone, work with their TV running or day dream about hanging out with friends!

Instead, they focus and only study!

Sankalp (JEE Main 2015 Topper) cut himself from these distractions. Find out how he cracked AIR 1 in JEE Main.

Once again, it is not these students that are studying too little and scoring so well, it is us who are studying too much and wasting most of this time unproductively, managing to get very little done.

So, a few hours of focused learning is way better than a lot of hours of disturbed studying.

Understand, don’t cram.

For an exam like JEE, where there are hundreds of thousands of participants, one can’t expect to crack it by studying at the last minute.

While rote learning may help with remembering some dates for your History exam, it sure won’t when it comes to the the Sciences and Maths. 


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The key to score well is to understand the topics thoroughly, to question often and to be curious and inquisitive in general. You would probably start studying for the JEE’s a few years before the entrance, and if you cram learn everything, it is highly improbable that you will remember any of it months and maybe even weeks down the line.

This is one thing that pretty much all JEE, or any exam, toppers have in common: their curiosity allows them to understand the topics and hence, application of these topics becomes easier during the paper.

To gain in depth understanding of the various important JEE topics, online video lectures are probably the best way to go about it. Give it a shot to understand the power of this new learning technique!

Don’t waste time on classes.

Don’t get me wrong, coaching classes can be a boon but only if you are the kind of student that not only diligently attends these classes but also manages to focus completely on the lectures, absorbing everything they explain and going one step forward by actively asking the teachers questions.

However, more often than not, students that go to these coaching classes are in it for time away from home, preferably with their friends.


Aren’t classes the easiest way to hang out with friends and the best way to give parents the illusion of you studying?

If you are giving the JEE’s to crack them, be a focused student striving to learn, not one that is bent on whiling away time in coaching classes till the very last minute! Make your JEE Books your best friends for these two years 🙂

==> Here is how you can study for 10+ hours daily without getting tired and depressed.

Analyse papers and tests.

Another reason some students score well without studying too much is that they spend time trying to find patterns in things that work well and those that don’t for them while they are giving a paper.

Almost all JEE exam givers have written an entire paper at one point or the other but most of us wouldn’t bother understanding where we went wrong – all we look at is the score we are getting and move on!

Instead, if you spend some time carefully observing the papers you write, you might find a repetitive mistake you make in some topic and that will give you the focus of your studies for the next few days.

This allows the students to not waste time studying in aimless circles, without really targeting their weak spots.

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I believe that these “secrets” of students that score very well are just a matter of focus, mind set and positive attitude. Despite talent being a factor, it is mostly just the fact that the seemingly “perfect” students just spend their time more particularly and more productively.

So, if you are procrastinating too much and being unproductive, change your attitude. It’s not too late yet!

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