Coaching Classes

JEE Main Online Classes – If you are looking to study at your own pace and in the comfort of your home, then you should seriously consider taking online video classes for JEE Main and Advanced exams. You can target JEE Main 2016 and 2017, along with the advanced exams. Choose 1 from below.

Best JEE Coaching Classes in Hyderabad

Andhra pradesh sends about 19% students to IIT JEE and tops the chart all amongst India. There are 9885 seats that means 1900 students get selected from Andhra pradesh. This large number of selection attracts students for coaching in Hyderabad. Engineering – the career is burning now-a-days. Everybody aspire to be engineer. But have you […]

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Best JEE Coaching Classes in Bangalore

GIRAFFE INSTITUTE (BANGALORE) Was India’s First to introduce AIEEE (JEE MAIN)& AIPMT (NEET) coachingWas the FIRST INSTITUTION in Karnataka to commence CET LONG TERM coachingWas the FIRST INSTITUTE in Karnataka to commence I PUC COACHINGWas the FIRST INSTITUTE in India to have class room coaching for NATA & JEE [ ARCH ] the entrance exam for students, who to want to do architecture after CET/ AIEEE /IIT ]

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Best JEE Coaching Classes in Allahabad

JEE as we know has been the utmost desire and goal for any science stream school going student and one needs to have true grit and unwavering determination in order to have a go at it. Constant dedication, focus and birds eye of the concepts should be the prime concern for each JEE aspirant. Allahabad […]

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Best JEE Coaching Class in Bhiwani

Bhiwani has many coaching institutes providing coaching of JEE but the best one is Advance JEE coaching institute. With its foundation in 2010, It has come a long way. A phenomenal centre for excellent coaching, Its students have been delivering astonishing results in JEE exam. With a record selection percentage of 41.5% (123 out of […]

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Online Classes for JEE 2017

Two year study material for JEE Main & Advanced 2017. It includes PDF notes, Recorded Video Lectures for experts all across the country & Cheatsheets by past toppers.

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Online Classes For JEE 2016

One year condensed study material (PDFs, Recorded Video Lectures & Cheatsheets) for JEE Main & Advanced 2016

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