Top 10 Tips For Cracking JEE Main 2017 By Sankalp – AIR 1

Read these 10 tips thatwill help you crack JEE Main 2017 with ease. Sankalp Gaur from Pune was the JEE Main 2015 Topper scoring 345 marks out of 360 marks. In addition to securing AIR 1 in JEE Main Sankalp also secured AIR 56 in JEE Advanced 2015.

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sankalp gaur jee 2015 air 1

Sankalp Gaur – JEE Main 2015 AIR 1

Here is a quick summary of Sankal Gaur’s Achievements:

  • JEE Main 2015 Score – 345/260
  • JEE Main 2015 Rank – AIR 1 (out of 13.05 lakh students that took the test)
  • JEE Advanced 2015 Rank – AIR 56
  • CBSE Class 12 Marks – 97.80% – DAV Public School Pune
  • AIR 2 in KVPY 2015
  • Selected for International Physics Olympiad Camp

Here are Sankalp’s Top 10 Tips For Cracking JEE Main 2017:


Start preparing for JEE right after your Class 10 exams. Do not waste your time.


JEE is NOT tough. You Just need to develop a natural interest in Physics, Chemistry and Maths – think in terms of actual scenarios and not just solving problems.


Self Study is absolutely Must – You must spent time on self-preparation apart from School and Coaching classes.

Sankalp studied for 6 hours daily (self-study) and 3 hours (in-addition) at coaching classes.


The number of hours you study is more important than how much you actually get done in those hours. Concentration in whichever subject you study is the key!

Focus more on the important chapters for JEE, practice more questions from these topics.


Build a good timetable and follow it religiously. Systematic study is more important than studying concepts randomly. (Download 2 Year study plan for JEE Prep)


Avoid Social Media distractions like Facebook and Mobile distractions like Whatsapp for these two years, but you could Join useful Facebook groups and Google+ communities to keep a tab on what other students are upto – how are they preparing differently.

Pro Tip – Join Shruti’s Organic Chemistry Private FB Group – it’s brand new!


Take breaks between studies. Play your favorite sports to keep yourself fit and rejuvenated.

Fitness is absolutely important during these 2 years. Not being fit is one of the major reasons behind a bad JEE rank.


Friends can be a distraction. Choose wisely whom you want to be friends with over these 2 years.


On the JEE Exam day, follow your test taking strategy – Sankalp’s strategy was to attempt Chemistry first as it was a tough subject for him (owing to the vast syllabus) and he solved Physics and Maths after Chemistry.

Taking time-bound practice tests is key to your optimal performance on the JEE day.


Find a mentor in your close circle. It can be your brother, sister, mother, father, cousin, class teacher – anyone. You need to be motivated throughout these 2 years

Do not lose vision and focus of your Goal!


Share this post with your friends and comment below with the tip number that you think will be the most beneficial for you in your JEE Preparation.


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      • kavya M -

        u can try the crash cross….which is totally meant for the people who is currently in +2…verify details…surf in net ,so that u get an idea about it

      • Abhi Agrawal -

        just focus on ncert purely. memorize and understand all the topics of ncert. Surely you will crack jee


        There is NOTHING impossible. Do not ASK ANYONE weather its possible. Have 101% self confidence… and YOU WILL DEFINATELY CRACK. But MOST importantly make a plan and join a good coaching Institute.

    • sivavarma -

      Hi guy we have very less time for practising for Jee main exam online so don’t waste time and also We don’t remember days we remember the date with new thing or new books , I just go to the online practice series and do more practice paper, definitely this work out better, it has given good mileage for online mock test for Jee main reference please go through it, just log on getting free Mock test for Jee main and Unlimited test paper

  • Saurac Chandra Pandey -

    I am of 9th standard and very determined for Jee these seniors are coaching for me. Rather than going going to resonance or fiitjee you can come here to learn.

  • Saswata Das -

    Being a part of India’s no 1 online academy for IITJEE coaching,Kshitij Education India I encounter thousands of queries and impatient students and parents day in and day out.
    Students actually need to be motivated which is why Kshitij interviewed the topper of 2015 and the excerpts of the interview is at: kshitij-iitjee . com/blog/iit-jee-success-tips-by-jee-advanced-2015-topper

  • Assu -

    Wow, amazing… But as I regret I didn’t see this post earlier.. I’m just two months away from the exam and I’m seeing this now. How I wish I saw it a year earlier or a two ?

  • Sakshi Gupta -

    Very helpful blog. Here I want to share my experience for IIT JEE 2016 aspirants. If you are looking for free online IIT JEE study material then go for EtoosIndia because I have got the excellent study material.

  • Aniket Umesh Kathare -

    Hi,I am Aniket Kathare . I am Studying in class 9 and I think I should Start my preparation s from now .But I Need some foundation books Plz Send me the link or the PDFs Or ebooks Plz Plz Plz..And also send me some tips..This will help me a lot . I will be thankful to U. Plz send me good foundation ebooks….I hope so u will….Thanks.?

  • dhanashreenikhare -

    tq for sharing u r view .vil it be sufficent 1 year 2 score 200.Is it possible .so sir plz tell me the some more suggestion.

  • pranshu sharma -

    bro, i am in class 10
    i started my preparation since class 8
    i completed my 10 syllabus thoroughly. can i start class 11 PCM in class 10??
    what is your views about different coaching in kota?

    • Prit Wade -

      i think u must start ur preparation right now. u can use Robomate + it can help u clear ur basics and then u must join coaching classes like PACE in Mumbai and study each and every topic thoroughly

    • Amit Chauhan -

      Institution doesn’t Mattermuch it’s your own hard work which matters you need not to be inspired by watching a video or a story it’s a pure time pass to crack jee clear your concepts and do self study iam also preparing for jee not an iitian till now +++—-=+

  • Himanipapnoi -

    Hmmmm yarrrr…..i hope your words may help me………yarrrrr is it important to take any coachings………can’t we do it without any coachings

    • Debjit S. -

      Coaching is not important. Self study is. What matters at the end of th eday is how much you learned, how clear you make yourselves with the concepts.

    • pranshu sharma -

      yes coaching is very important in point to point study and getting good study material ,even a good mentor

    • Shivani -

      I really want to know that if after 10th i take weekend classes at bansal and left 5 days in school and Tution would it be beneficial for to crack the jee main exam plz…. tell me

  • Shubham tendulkar -

    Thanks for useful tips Sir. I don’t have good classes in my area. Do u think it is okay to join online courses? Can u please provide me with answer?

  • Sneha -

    Great share. Coaching classes plays a vital role in boosting the confidence of students who are going to appear for IIT JEE. FOr students who are looking for some institutes then I would suggest to go for IITian pace academy. My cousin joined last year and is well prepared for giving IIT JEE exams next year.

  • Naimish soni -

    I HAVE TO CRACK IT BY Hard preparation of classes 11 and 12th just now !!
    11 & 12TH is basic part by which anyone can do so………….

  • Naimish soni -

    though class 9 &10 th ICSE BOARD Preparation has increased my learning or concentration level that s i got 94% in 10th 2016 and have a confidence to get highest rank in jee main &advance at present i m in 11 th class preparing for not fpr 12 th ISCbut also for IIT JEE

  • Shriya Baskaran -

    is it compulsory to go to some coaching class like fiitjee or aakash? can we crack the jee mains with the school knowledge?

  • Ahmed Yelukar -

    i m from maharashtra state board student i m confused about jee preparation and main issue is that i m in 12th std and my one year got waste and i have only 7 months for preparation JEE and i got tensed after thinking how i prepare myself for JEE!!

  • sasil sharma -

    What have to study in IIT-JEE exam. From which book we have to refer.pls pls i am waiting to know just send to my email id

  • an iit aspirant -

    Hi all,
    does any one have iit jee preparation study material. pls send it to me on my mail.. I need some pdfs study material. also suggest me some sites where I can get free study material for iit jee preparation.

  • Sourav singh -

    Hyeee… I am sourav singh from jawahar navodaya vidayalaya GB nagar.i wanna crack iit but i don’t have interest in math’s. Can crack that if yes so please give some ideas for that.

  • scholarslearning -

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  • saurav kumar -

    dear sir plz help me……….
    10th k baad hi mai kota gya tha iit ki prepration k liye 12th k shaath kuch v nhi huaa na to jee mains me ache no. aaye na bord me fir ek shaal or rukaa ye soch k ki kuch ho jaayega but nhi ………
    maine kota me 3 shaal tak kya kiya mujhe v nhi ptaa ……
    mai dobaara se jee mains ki prepratin kr rha hu apne ghar sef study kr k lekin mujhe smjh me nhi aa rha hai ki kya kru…..kaise kru bs 5 month or bchaa hai jee mains k exame ka……
    plz help me sir…….

  • Harsh Singh -

    Sir, I am Harsh Singh, I am studying in class 9, can u give me some tips how to crack IIT, and best mathematics and PCM books

  • Afzal Ahmed -

    Prepare for IIT JEE online through This is the best and professional online institute for IIT JEE preparation. Download practice papers for IIT JEE and start preparing for this toughest exam with ease.

  • Raj Naik -

    u can crack jee in 4 months preparation i got 238/250 in jee mains and in jee advance i got 252/372 u can do if u want to achieve ur goal u should be totally mad for u r goal and to my advice refer to all study plan available on net and make u r own study plan take. help frm other and make u r own soln result ar much better


      THANK YOU SO MUCH RAJ NAIK! Congrats! This shows your zeal for JEE and is giving me lot of inspiration for Studying.

  • Animesh Tiwari -

    Choosing the right coaching institute for preparation is the most important step for any student. Before choosing Catalyser coaching at Bhopal i have enquired and visited many but I found most of them were crowded and even the faculties were not qualified enough.

  • suarez nacho -

    i want 2 b topper like u…but i cud not maintain the routine… i tried many times but I cud not succeed..😥😥😥😥😥😥

    • shubham -

      dude way u have to think others are great
      its not that others are great its about u and you r potential …………

    • shiva -

      hi.. we are conducting demo for how to crack jee, so i will explain the details this is very usefull to u mail me

  • Apoorva Verma -

    I wasted my 11th like a kid wastes the green vegetables. But now, I know what I have to do.
    Why did I even came here lol.

  • MYC India -

    IIT is not about solving all questions, but it is about solving decent number of questions in a given interval of time. If you are unable to solve a question, please don’t spend an hour on that, move on to the next question and try to solve easy questions rather than focusing your time and energy on difficult questions. Take more tests. Measure how fast you are able to crack. Time management is crucial in solving IIT papers.

  • Abhinav Thakur -

    I am +2 pass and i have a bad result in jeemains 2017 . so i want to drop a year. So suggest me how to study and prepare myself for jee exam 2018. Please help me.

    • shubham -

      dont study the same thing try a new dream
      ……it might bring you an enlightment
      …..look iam studing in 12 now and study only for interest ……..i love physics and maths only and i hate chemistry as it bores me a lot
      i am hoping to crack iit in a good rank
      ( look for a new way in ur life there might be something better in u which ur spoiling it ……………now after reading this start looking for it…. please this might help u
      take a break of like 2 days and start thinking about it uu might become successfull if it helped u please tell me in my email) thanks for reading this boring speeech …….


    Choosing the right coaching institute for preparation is the most important step for any student. Before choosing Catalyser coaching at Bhopal i have enquired and visited many but I found most of them were crowded and even the faculties were not qualified enough.

  • Parth Ravindra Deshpande -

    This really inspired me !!! I’m appearing for JEE 2019 . I’ll share this to my friends, relatives .😊

  • Paras vashishtha -

    I m inspired of these tips i follow them wisely and i start my preparation from today because I m in 10 class thnks for these tips sir

  • Nithya alavarthi -

    Edunovus makes concept easier through its illustrations by vedios.we can learn things better by watching vedios rather than listening to classes.

  • Neela -

    Edunovus is very useful.u can complete the entire syllabus even if u start in the middle of the year.even viva can be answered with its help.dont waste this opportunity.good luck.

  • Harika -

    I was a slow learner and I couldn’t catch all the concept taught in with the help of edunovus I could get all the concepts clear.

  • Yesh -

    Edunovus is very helpful for slow learners like me.the vedios are very easy to understand.both the practicles and theory vedios are student friendly.

  • Regina -

    Edunovus is very useful for the people who are not interested in listening classes also.through these interesting vedios concepts becomes very clear.make use of it.

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  • Satyavan singh -

    Sir,I am student of class 11th from up board..I want crack to jee so first what I do…????pls help me I am so helpless


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  • Nikhik -

    Hey Is it good to join Allen Kota centre for jee prep. I am a dropper and want to get into top 10 is it possible….??? Tell me plz…

  • MCQ Book for JEE Mains -

    Hello Blogger i really found this blog helpful because you mention biology, physics and chemistry all three NEET books here which i am searching from last many days. Really thankful to your blog.

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