5 Little Known factors that could affect your Rank in JEE Main / Advanced

JEE Main is an exam of true grit. It tests your patience, concepts and ability to manage time effectively. However even after putting in 1 – 2 years of hard work many students end up with a bad final rank in the JEE Main Exam or even the JEE advanced exam.

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But it’s really easy to overcome this problem. In this post we will take a look at 5 factors that could potentially affect your rank in JEE Main or the JEE advanced exam.

1. Not maintaining proper health and fitness

More than anything, your health and your fitness level is the most crucial factor in deciding how you perform in your final exam.

This means you should take a good nights sleep before the D-Day and not to stress yourself out during the entire week before the final exam.


I made this huge mistake of not taking proper rest before my BITSAT exam and I ended up scoring just 310  thereby blowing away all my chances of studying computer science at BITS Pilani –  you do not want to do this!

The choice is yours: do you want to stay up all night and put your entire preparation in jeopardy or take good rest and feel fresh on the D-Day – you decide.

2. Eating too much before the exam

This might sound funny but filling up your stomach to its full will only make things worse for you.

There is a difference between having a heavy breakfast and a heavy lunch – Heavy breakfasts will give you great kickstart for the day but heavy lunch will make you feel sleepy.

Make sure you never have a heavy lunch if your exam schedules are such that there is a lunch break between one of the sections.

Also it is really important that you do not try any new kind of food before the exam. Do not look up Google for recipes because most of the nutrition sites are from the US and might end up giving you food advice that’s not prevalent in India.

Avoid eating heavy dinner – the night before your Main or Advanced JEE Exam.


Stick to what you are used to eating for lunch or breakfast. Some good food or some good breakfast options would be:

  • Anda Bhujia (Scrambled Eggs) and Bread Toast
  • Roti and Simple Sabzi made of green vegetables
  • Milk Shakes – some people are allergic to drinking warm milk (I did this mistake once of drinking warm milk before my Physics exam in Class 12 boards and had to suffer from acidity and indigestion during the entire exam)

3. Doing last minute preparations

You might think that I’m lying to you about not doing last minute preparations. But if you ask any of the past toppers – all would agree to this.

Last minute studying is simply not effective and there is a reason behind that.

When you load yourself with a truckload of information from your books just before your examination, it adds to your stress levels. How?

Because you tend to remind yourself about remembering what you just studied- by adding an extra task in your brain’s queue and this negatively affects your mind. Seriously!

But I would suggest that you do last-minute revisions instead – like going through the stuff you have already studied.


Be smart about choosing what to study and what not to do in the last minute. If it’s a simple formula that might help you in solving a numerical, then go for it else just give it a pass.

If you have some free time, try going through this quick note on how brain psychology works.

4. Bad Time Management during the exam

Never never never spend too much time on a single question – Even if the question belongs to your strongest subject areas. It’s simply not worth it.


Let’s do some math – there are 90 questions in the JEE Main exam and you have 3 hours (that is 180 minutes) to finish the exam.  which means you have roughly 2 minutes  to solve one question. (Previous Papers)

So if you end up spending five minutes on one question then you are depriving yourself of attempting two more questions which could have potential fetched you 8 marks. (Every correct answer fetches you 4 marks in the JEE)

Here is a quick table of how much marks you could lose (and thereby dropping your rank in the JEE Main or Advanced) if you spend more time on one single question:

Minutes spent on one question Questions missed Marks Lost Ranks dropped
5 2 8 ~30
10 5 20 ~80
15 7 28 ~150 – 200

This gives you a rough idea of how you can screw things up if you do not manage your time properly during the exam.

If you are spending more than 2 minutes on one question, skip it and come back to it later.

Remember, there will be certain questions which will need 30 seconds or less to answer – you can save time here and get back to the marked questions at a later time.

5. Not starting with your strongest subject section on the exam

This is the last thing you want to do on your JEE Main or the JEE Advanced exam.

You must always start your exam with the subject which you feel you are strong with. It will boost your confidence for the other sections by many folds.


Physics is your strong point? Then start the JEE paper with the physics section

Feel confident with Chemistry? So let Chemistry be your first section on the test and make sure you avoid these common organic chemistry mistakes that students often commit.

Love Math? Then attack the JEE Main monster with your Math skills. Simple.


I hope you will keep these points in your mind when you attempt you next exam (be it a mock test) or the real JEE Main / Advanced exam.

Please let me know in the comments about your thoughts and if you have any more points that you feel I might have left out in this section.

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  • Rishabh Surana -

    if i have a strong physics but i score equal in physics and chemistry, so shall i complete my chem in first 40 – 50 minutes or i shall go for physics…

    i had i more doubt that shall i go for online exam or offline coz in 2015 i gave online exam and scored 102 marks .

  • sumit tiwari -

    is going coachings are necessary for cracking jee main ….how one can. prepare for jee main studying at home.

  • akash uravane -

    I am now 12th class….i preper to JEE MAINS & ADVANCE …just 6moths left on jee exam 2017 and my board exam on 5moths to come…How mnany hrs study i do…my class at 6am to 8am & 2pm to 3.3 pm…how i adjust time for jee and board exam also

  • Amith -

    How can I store above 300 marks in my jee exam now I am in level of scoring 240 to 250 how can I improve it to 300 in one year

  • Anuj Khelwadi -

    Can you please send me tricks and tips to do fast calculation and managing time while doing physics problems.

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  • Dakshata krishnakant Kokulwar -

    Can I get 330+in jee mains if I have not prepare any one chapter of it and only 30 days are remaining

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