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With the onset of portals like YouTube, education has kind of become really free. You can watch lots of videos of a particular topic and then what are the comments to make your understanding of the subject even better. I know this is available for free like free as in free beer!

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In the coming days in this section you will find totally organized YouTube videos and videos from other sources of various topics and physics chemistry and mathematics that are needed for your JEE preparation.

Apart from these we will also have 5 free test series for your JEE Main examination and also the advance examination. You can take these free just series online. For more test series you can pay a nominal price and unlock more tests, Chapter wise questions and much more!

Test Series and practice questions –

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    I know this can be offered for complimentary like free as in free beer!In the approaching days during this section you’ll notice entirely organized YouTube videos and videos from alternative sources of assorted topics and physics chemistry and arithmetic that square measure required for your JEE preparation.

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